Republican Politics Based on Conservatism

The Republican Party is one of the two major political parties in the US and the Democratic Party is the other one. Republican politics is based on conservatism which is basically opposite that of the Democratic Party where the platform is based on liberalism. The first Republican Party president of the US was Abraham Lincoln, and probably also the most popular. There are many Republican Party congressmen and senators in the House of Congress and also the Senate, of which the majority can have a big effect on many official government matters, particularly on the voting made. What can happen is that the party member congressmen and senators will stick to their principles and party platform and what they believe in.

In the present government, the Republican Party is a minority but they still stick and give support to their beliefs on issues like limited government spending, supporting a free market economy, and also opposing the government health care program of the present administration. They are saying that the middle class income earning families are the ones supporting the non income earning families through the higher taxes they are paying. Republican politics is for the support of these very important people issues, which they say have a very big effect on the middle income family wage earners, and especially that many also lost their jobs and find hard getting other jobs.

The influence of the Republican politics will be shown in the next presidential elections though, if they win because majority of the middle class are already with them and also because majority of people had already got back their high paying jobs.

Republican Politics in the United States

Republican politics in the US is based on conservatism and completely opposite of the Democratic Party kind of politics where more liberal polices are based. The Republican Party is one of the major political parties in the United States, and the other being the Democratic Party. It is also called the Grand Old Party or GOP and its founders were the anti slavery activists in the US in the early days. Republican politics in the US is also based on the classical form of government policies with conservatism greatly valued. People in the US classify themselves as Republicans or Democrats, with the republicans greatly opposed to the healthcare program pushed by the present government. Most of these people are of the working class group, with most of them presently employed.

Opposition by these people of the healthcare program of the government stems from their belief that they are the ones supporting the health care of the non employed people through the higher taxes they are paying. Republicans are opposed to the program of raising taxes of those already paying high taxes, to support the unemployed people’s health benefits.

This can be a tough thing to do however because the Republicans are the minority in the House Legislature. If they gain the upper hand in the next elections, they can have a good fight regarding the program. However, this is also not an easy thing to achieve because many of the working class has also lost their jobs and they may also need the health care benefits themselves.

Why Republican Politics And Democratic Politics Do Not Coincide In Ideals

It has been a long standing that there will be two big political parties in the United States of America and they will always produce the best politicians in the government. While they may result on some good things, there are also bad things or more like bad blood between these two political parties for a long time already. These guys have always been in conflict with each other with their ideals and beliefs and their sympathizers have always been in collision with each other. There are certain reasons why the republic politics and democratic politics have never been in good terms with each other and here are some of those reasons.

The Republican Party has an ideology of conservatism which does not coincide with what the Democratic Party’s ideals. They follow such ideals which they see could improve the states and not of the ideals of the other party. They also the follow the Fiscal, Social and Neoconservatism which are internal factions of the Conservatism idealogy. There are also the Libertarianism and Paleoconservatism ideologies they follow.

Another reason is that they have their own policies they want to approve which would oppose to what the Democratic Party has proposed. So they are always in conflict but in the end it will be the will of the whole group which will approve the said policies and not just the parties. They say the Republican Party is not the most ideal group to follow but they have their own perks that most sympathizers enjoy.

ObamaCare online is a disaster

More failed attempts by public sector

Security risks?

ABC.COM is reporting

In the interview, Fryer said that “several layers of security” are in place and that there have been “no successful breaches” of the website. CMS told ABC News on Friday that the issues identified as “high risk” have now been resolved.

“In one case, what was initially flagged as a high finding was proven to be false,” the agency said in a statement. “In the other case, we identified a piece of software code that needed to be fixed and that fix is now in place. Since that time, the feature has been fully mitigated and verified by an independent security assessment, per standard practice.”

the argument against big government

Despite the lack of competition we still maintain the republican ideal of self sufficient and independence from state.

We the people do not need or want a bigger government.

Some New Jersey residents who found the site too confusing to even submit their applications (to have them disappear) saved themselves by abandoning and turning to the state Medicaid website. One applicant told the Record she eventually used the state website because did not give her the option to submit an application, nor could she find the Medicaid-specific program application anywhere. New Jersey found a 35% increase in applications through the state website since the individual mandate threatened to take effect.

Clearly obamaCare is not working.

Romney in trouble?

Matthew Dowd, who was a senior political adviser to President George W. Bush, said the Romney campaign was almost guilty of political malpractice over the summer and during the two political conventions. It “left the playing field totally to Barack Obama and the Obama campaign” and “‘basically set the tone for the final 60 days of this campaign, which put them behind after the conventions,” said Dowd, who worked for Democrats before signing on with Bush, a Republican.

It looks like Romney is in serious trouble with his campaign. Many are starting to declare independence from him. However, there is still a chance to regain the momentum, but only if he acts quickly. More on this news here.

Romney-Ryan strategy: Race-baiting?

The Romney-Ryan campaign have repeatedly accused President Barack Obama of eliminating the work requirement for welfare recipients, a factually inaccurate statement Democrats say the Republicans perpetuate in an effort to “race-bait” the Republican base. Democrats say the Republicans are trying to suggest the nation’s first African-American president is going lax on welfare recipients, as the welfare program has carried racial connotations since Ronald Reagan’s invocation of the term “welfare queen” in his 1976 presidential campaign. Many Americans overestimate the percentage of African-Americans that benefit from the program that whites and believe that it is wrought with fraud.

This article is an amazing read that tackles the current strategy of the Republican tandem Romney-Ryan on their attacks on the welfare department. More on this article here.

Libya Attack: Fire-starter in political debate

Whether it was planned or just plain coincidental, the bombing of the US Consulate in Benghazi, Libya caused an uproar in politics. Sadly, the death of US Ambassador Chris Stevens is now being brutally used even in the elections.

Click here or here for the details of the news on the bombing.

The death of Chris Stevens became such a controversy as Republican candidates and supports blatantly blame the administration for its lack of support and security for the consulate. Stevens reportedly asked for additional security from the government, but was denied.

Mr. Graham was particularly hard on the administration because of its shifting explanations for the attack, in which Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens and three other Americans died, and because the State Department had rejected the embassy’s requests to extend the security arrangements at the time.

Mr. Graham said administration officials had either misled the American people or were “incredibly incompetent,” and he suggested that they had knowingly played down the involvement of terrorists to avoid scaring voters.

More on this quote here.

What could’ve fuelled this uproar could be the administration’s claim that terrorism has been “sustained” to a manageable level, something Republicans find hard to believe. The attack on Libya not only proves that terrorism is still at large, but furthermore supports the claim of the Republicans that the administration is not doing enough to ensure Americans’ safety overseas.

Democrats, however, defend the administration’s calls by pointing the finger at Romney himself, saying that he (Romney) is “cravenly politicising” the bombing.

They (Osama aides) reminded viewers that Romney had been roundly condemned, even by some Republicans, for criticising the Obama administration for “sympathising” with extremists even as the events in Benghazi were still unfolding.

“We don’t need shoot-from-the-hip diplomacy, and when Mitt Romney first responded to what was going on in Libya, his own party called him out for insensitivity,” senior Obama campaign adviser Robert Gibbs said on CNN’s State of the Union program.

More on this article here.

The fire is said to continue this Tuesday, as the presidential candidates would again face each other on another heated debate. But, the real question here is this: is it even ethical to include Stevens’ death in this dirty political race?

Stevens’ father has expressed his dismay over the news that his son’s death is now causing headlines in the electoral race. He has begged the candidates and supporters to not use his son’s death in this political circus. If truth be told, he is right: the honor of a noble man’s death is now caught in between a bloody fist fight among Democrats and Republicans. Clearly, this fight has gone “below the belt”.

More and more people are expressing their sympathies over Stevens’ father and their dismay over the unsettling debate, while both parties are losing supporters. Stevens’ death was a tragic loss to the country, and his death being a cause of dissent among Americans is a poor way of remembering his life. Let’s not use this death as rock to throw at each other, but instead, something all of us can cling unto as one nation, as we go on fighting terrorism and violence.

Meanwhile, here’s a video of Romney’s statement about the attack, followed by Hillary Clinton’s “defense”:

New GOP ad targets women

Republicans have been currently weak on women’s votes in the past month, with Democrat votes way ahead of them. But recently, the gap is becoming less wide. It’s also expected that the gap would finally be bridged by the new GOP ad that has been released recently.

The ad, reportedly costing $11 million, targets women. In the ad, a woman is watching Obama in a television, then starts asking questions about the past few years. The immortal Romney line was also used – the one that says America “can’t afford another four years of living like this”.

The ad, “Sack It,” shows a woman watching one of Obama’s campaign commercials. “Mr. President, here’s what I want to know,” she says, asking about the jobs he has promised and wondering what the federal spending he has pushed for has produced.

She ends by saying, “My family can’t afford another four years like this.” The line echoes a theme Romney has repeated several times on the campaign trail in recent weeks — “We can’t afford four more years like the last for years.”

More on this article here.

Of course, this has been one of the major bullets that Romney has fired upon the current administration. The declining economy is a real bad sign for the Democrats, and technically should place the Republicans in the lead. So why are the Democrats still leading?

The ad is targeted towards women, and most of the Republican beliefs are less preferred by American women. Republicans have always been “conservative”, and this trait might just make them lose another election.

Women of today choose the Democrats most likely because of the “freedom” the latter grants them. More “women-friendly” laws, laws that offer protection, security and added benefits. But on top of it are those that are concerned with reproductive health, contraception and family planning. Republicans, being the conservative party, are against these. A great article on the “economics of contraceptives”
can be found here. A small quote from the article:

Conventional economic theory, still taught in many college classrooms, assumes that individual decisions reflect rational choices. From this perspective, a woman who engages in sexual intercourse without making the effort required to make low-cost methods of contraception succeed (which typically includes finding a partner willing to cooperate, as with use of a condom) must either be unpardonably ignorant or trying to get pregnant.

Behavioral economics, on the other hand, emphasizes that people often lack self-control, particularly when affected by “visceral factors,” such as hunger, thirst and sexual desire.

From this perspective, people need to protect themselves, pre-emptively, from carelessness that can lead to costly consequences. Even small differences in the form protection takes can have significant long-run effects.

Women sometimes forget to take birth control pills or let their prescription lapse. Partly for this reason, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists now prioritizes use of IUDs and hormonal implants. Unpopular among older physicians and older women because they were once considered risky, these methods are now rated quite safe.

Hopefully, with the GOP’s new expensive ad, they can convince voters to focus on what happened in the past four years and sway them over to other side.

Clinton in trouble for Libya attack

Whatever future plans Hillary Clinton has, the Libya attack most probably damaged all of them. Even with her way with words, she can’t worm herself out of the blame concerning the attack last month on Libya, which resulted in the deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens.

Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’s pre-election bid to shoulder blame over the deadly terror attack in Libya failed to silence GOP criticism that President Obama is not protecting U.S. diplomats overseas.

Her written statement emerged as a prominent issue in the second debate between Obama and GOP challenger Mitt Romney. And it could have long-term ramifications given the persistent speculation that Clinton might run for president in four years or stay in public life.

More on this article here.


GOP Gay Ad “too much”

Another controversial move by GOP supporters earns a slash
in the GOP campaign for the coming elections. In Florida, a reportedly offensive ad was released into the public in a local LGBT magazine using the alleged photo of dead ambassador Chris Stevens.

The ad, funded by the Broward County Log Cabin Republicans and published in the local, LGBT-focused magazine Florida Agenda, claims that the Obama administration was unable to protect gay and gay friendly Americans abroad. It also appears to suggest that the lack of protection could lead to the imposition of extreme anti-gay Sharia law in Israel and even in the United States.

The rest of this article could be found here.

This, of course, is pure madness. Relating the death of an ambassador to the seemingly “weak” protection the administration offers the country is just down-right low, so low in fact the mere thought of it gives me backspams that hurts. The group who sponsored the ad refused to comment on the matter, which only makes matters worse. After all, silence means yes, doesn’t it?

The death of ambassador Stevens has been crudely used over and over again in the past few days in the hubbub of the elections. Steven’s father even had to come out to “beg” for the candidates and supporters not to use his son’s death in matters of the elections – clearly, the two have no connection whatsoever.

“It would really be abhorrent to make this into a campaign issue,” Jan Stevens, 77, said in a telephone interview from his home in Loomis, California, as he prepares for a memorial service for his son next week.

More on this article here.

The gay ad, as expected, received much criticism and angered a lot of voters. NSD Executive Director Jerame Davis said, in part, “It is simply unimaginable to me how any political message, let alone the muddy and ludicrous message of this ad, in any way justifies disgracing the memory of a man who gave his life in service to his country. This level of depravity and moral indifference must not be allowed to enter our political discourse.” NSD has called on the Log Cabin group “to retract this ad and apologize to Floridians.” (This could be found here.)

Log Cabin Leaders reject the ad completely, even calling it obscene. Executive director R. Clarke Cooper wrote in a letter to the magazine’s editor:

“To suggest that the Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb attack on the US consular mission in Benghazi was connected to homophobia is just as ridiculous as US Ambassador to the UN, Susan Rice, claiming the attack in Benghazi was prompted by a film critical of Mohammed,” Clarke wrote. “Violence against the LGBT community is a challenge to civil society throughout the world, and America is a beacon for freedom for all minority voices. There are plenty of reasons to vote Republican to protect US interests and human rights abroad, but the obscene ad in this publication is fallacious, grossly inappropriate and irresponsible.”

This quote was taken from this article.

Clearly, GOP’s conservative nature seems to have lost its touch. Serious damage control must be done to retrieve votes in the Florida area after this catastrophe.


GOP measures to ensure win

Recently, GOP has taken giant steps in making sure they get all the votes they can come November 6. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney and VP candidate Paul Ryan may have lost votes because of their “rash tongue”, but the supporters and aides are bent into getting a majority this year.

Previously, Todd Akin coined the phrase “legitimate rape”, and earned millions of angry audiences, this whole legitimate rape thing is worse than getting

“It seems to me, from what I understand from doctors, that’s really rare,” Akin told KTVI-TV. “If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. But let’s assume that maybe that didn’t work or something: I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be of the rapist, and not attacking the child.”

Then, Paul Ryan made a rash comment on rape as being “another method of conception”, and therefore, women who were raped should still stick with their pregnancy. This earned him the anger of a lot of women across the country, on just a single issue. Below is the controversial statement:

Then, last month, Mitt Romney carelessly included the Libya attack in his debate with current president Obama, blaming the administration for the deaths of the Americans in the consulate at Benghazi. This was despite of the Ambassador’s father pleading the people to stop including his son’s death in the elections.

A great article on Romney’s statement could be found here.

Since then, GOP has been trying to regain the massive losses by a recent and huge increase of funding. A reportedly $11 million ad will now be televised all over the country. Its target? The women of America. This Los Angeles based web design company had a noteworthy talk on how crowdsourcing is next wave of internet political advocacy. Here is the Ad targeting women :

The ad, “Sack It,” shows a woman watching one of Obama’s campaign commercials. “Mr. President, here’s what I want to know,” she says, asking about the jobs he has promised to create and wondering what the federal spending he has pushed for has produced.

She ends by saying: “My family can’t afford another four years like this.” The line echoes a theme Romney has repeated several times on the campaign trail in recent weeks – “We can’t afford four more years like the last four years.”

The article can be found here. Also, GOP has strived hard to block early voting, but was later denied by the Supreme Court. The appeal made by GOP was in light of what happened last elections, where the weekend early voting did the job of raising Obama’s voted over the top.

The court’s action leaves intact rulings from two federal courts in Ohio that require the state to open the polls for all voters, including military personnel, on the Saturday, Sunday and Monday before the election.

Four years ago, more than 105,000 voters cast ballots during the final-weekend period, and a heavy turnout of African-American voters gave a boost to Barack Obama’s campaign.

Full article can be found here.

Whatever other measures are done, Republican supporters are hoping the candidates do not screw up anymore, and thus, win their public.

Republican Politics and Democracy

In the political spectrum in the country, the Republicans are known to represent the interests of big business and the wealthy. The reason behind this is not based on what is heard from their candidates during the electoral campaigns but on the actual programs and policies that its leaders implement when they are the ones in power. Because of the kind of politics that they have, the Republicans are often labeled as conservatives.  They tend to favor more the establishment of a government that does not only stick to the status quo but also ensures that the interests of the business sector is protected and promoted well.  At some points in history, the Republicans are even known to support wars just to pave the way for the control of resources of the businesses that they support.

It is because of their politics though that the Republicans can easily become unpopular, especially among the people who belong to the working class and even to the middle class.  Apparently, it is these classes that are badly affected by certain policies that the Republican Party carries out.  However, it is also true that there are still quite a number of voters who are not yet well informed about the politics of the Republicans. Nevertheless, it must be noted that the existence of such a party is a sign that democracy in the country is at work. There are people who think that it may not be the ideal party but its being around is a sign that there is democracy in the country.